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Off to a great start.

We went to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London. It was amazing. Magical would be the most apt word here I think...

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It’s new year and I’m still here.

So, last time we spoke I'd updated you all on what was going on in our lives and now a few weeks have passed and that has all been officially sorted and we've started making plans for the year.

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When they grow up.

I want to have kids on day. if that means I get to 35 and am still single then so be it, I'll adopt but I do want kids and there's a few things that I like to pass on to my kids the same things that mum passed onto us growing up. 

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Truth Time.

I've really just been off my game this week. There are things that I'm supposed to do online, like the blog and some other things to do a few times a weeks just to keep everything in my life as organised as I can and this week, in fact for the last, almost, two weeks… Continue reading Truth Time.

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What do you remember about primary school

I remember the people I met in both schools, teachers and people who became friends over the years. I remember the layouts of the schools, where the classrooms where, the assembly halls and where we'd sit in the corner and read to ta and volunteers. I remember the head teachers, the school trips and the kid who tried to weird me out by flipping his eyelids inside out - he recently moved to California with his wife.

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Who would I have been?

With the new animated Spiderman: Into The Multiverse film not long out I got thinking about my own multiverse, what kind of lives might my other selves be living in the parallels to our world and what things might have effected who I might've have been in that universe compared to ours. I started from... well, the start.

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The past can stay where it belongs.

With 2018 coming to an end I have a few updates on the appeal front. Those who have been following my posts of late will know that we've been having a hell of a year in the Score/Gore household and that the nightmare it had been, was going to come to an end...

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Needed Break.o

Hi, it's me again. I know it's been a while but I've had a lot on my mind. *bad language warning, sorry* If you know me you'll know that this year, in its entirety has been really hard and it might not get better next year, in fact it might get worst. In January of… Continue reading Needed Break.o

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Who am I?

I openly flirted today. It happened a couple of weeks ago too, openly flirting with people. Before it was a gorgeous blonde on the bus, I offered her one of my headphones and what I got back was a smile so big it touched my cold heart. Today was a guy working in a co-op… Continue reading Who am I?

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Today's post was inspired by someone I consider a good friend. Her most recent blog post is about friends and how sometimes friends come and go. I started to feel really bad because I got to thinking that I'm one of those that wasn't putting in enough effort. It turns out that I've not been putting… Continue reading Limitations.

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For how long?

So my best friend said something to me while we were out with some friends the other night and when she said it, I automatically just thought, yeah okay whatever but, tucking myself into my bed I had a think - as you do on the brink of sleep - and realised it was the… Continue reading For how long?

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British summer time.

It's only July and it's like we've already had the best summer. I mean I've been inside for most of it because it's too damn hot but it's been great. That's not strictly true, I  was out two Saturdays in a row a couple of weeks ago! There's a few things I love about summer.… Continue reading British summer time.

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Bitten by a spider or actually an alien?

This got me thinking about how I would get my superpower because I'd still want to be who I am now but just cooler and if I was born an alien my life would be very different.

I mean I assume it would.

So I'd prefer to be shocked by a bolt of lightning from a failed particle accelerator launch or bitten by a spider, that way I'm still me but I'd be able to do things like really quickly do my make up/get dressed or I would use my web to bring to tv controller closer so I didn't have to get up.

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Why a gratitude log is a good idea.

To me, the idea of grating a log or journal of things that you're grateful or goes back to when I discovered bullet journalling and that stems from the phase we went through where we got planners that we tried to use - spent hours designing and printing double-sided calendars and investing in a machine that could print stickers and a myriad of other things - but never really did find the time or motivation to keep up with.